Singular Scientific and Technological Infrastruture



All information about access rules and conditions is available for download in the documents section

Period's deadline is set every four months, where submitted proposals will be sent to the External Access Committee for evaluation. Proposals submitted after deadline will be evaluated into the next period.


Access can be requested in two ways, depending on the profile of the applicant. Modalities and their requirements are:

  • Modality 1. 
    Be a researcher (not a doctor) who is working on his/her doctorate thesis.
  • Modality 2. 
    Be a doctor or a researcher with a minimum of 3 years of proved research experience.
    Be linked by statute or by contract to a public R+D institution or a non-profit private R+D center.
    Belong to a research group, a scientific department or similar unit.


  • Remote access
    The number of hours of calculation time of Finis Terrae supercomputer made available for ICTS users raises to 3.500.000 hours. For each activity can be requested a maximum of 800.000 CPU hours (elapsed time x number of cores).
  • In-house stays at CESGA.
    4 in-house stays with a maximum duration of 8 weeks each.


Fundación Pública Gallega Centro Tecnológico de Supercomputación de Galicia. . +34 981 56 98 10