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All information about access conditions is available for download in the documents section

How to apply for an ICTS-CESGA access

  1. Submission of your application for access is made though a web form.
    Should you prefer to submit your application through a different way, or should you experience problems with the application web form, please contact us at icts or by phone +34 981 56 98 10.
  2. The application web form will require you to attach  some documents to it. Before you fill the web form download the templates of these documents and fill them in (see the section Documents).
  3. The application web form:
    • The application web form may be completed all at once (submit option) or it may be completed at your own pace (in order not to lose the  information you entered,  please be sure to always save your data before exiting the web form).
    • Should you choose to fill in the web form at your own pace, be sure to fill in the activity title, applicant name, email, and affiliation fields first. Once you have saved the data introduced in these fields, you will get an email with your login information.  This will allow you to go back to the application form to complete your data as many times as you need.
    • Do not forget to complete the application (submit option) before the deadline.  Incomplete applications will not be taken into consideration for evaluation.
  4. CESGA may at any time contact the applicant to request additional information or further explanations.
  5. After the evaluation process, CESGA will inform the applicants about the status of their application.


Fundación Pública Gallega Centro Tecnológico de Supercomputación de Galicia. . +34 981 56 98 10